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While I’m a traditional kind of gal and make New Year’s resolutions, I’ve realized that taking a more avant-garde approach helps me stick to my oaths. Can you blame me? After all, it’s a fact that most people give up on their rezzies within six weeks, so I try to select reasonably attainable goals. (You may call this “cheating,” but I call it “planning for success.”) This year I’ve been all about healthier skin.

Maybe it’s a copout – after all, this idea wasn’t hard to come up with considering I work at DG Skincare, but as Dr. Gross would tell you, there’s more to beautiful skin than powerfully effective products! I’ve mostly stuck to these goals (granted, I’ve had a few slips…) and they’re definitely doable. Meaning I give you full license to ditch twice-daily Pilates in exchange for one of these.

Five fruits and vegetables a day!

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There are a lot of reasons why it’s important to get colorful food into your diet (and I’m not talking about gummi bears). Vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants – they’re all in that nutritional rainbow! And I’m proud to report that I’ve been getting them. It’s admittedly taken a fair amount of effort, but I now bring fruit to work daily as my mid-afternoon snack and typically choose salad for lunch. Maybe less fun, but I’m also less likely to fall asleep at my desk halfway through the day.

Clean my tools!

I am beauty product-obsessed, which will become abundantly clear – and as a result, I use a lot of different tools. My blush brush and foundation brush get the most play and, as a result, are dirtier than a cab driver’s mouth during rush hour. Being a “lazy busy New Yorker” is a really unsatisfying excuse for not coming through on this, but that’s what I’ve got. I’m trying, I’m trying!

No picking!

Okay, gross, I know, but if I see an imperfection in my complexion, I have to get rid of it by any means necessary. I’m lucky and have good skin, but every now and then I’ll get one of those terrible pimples that just lurk below the surface – so I’ve taken to dabbing All-Over Blemish Solution and then keeping my hands to myself.

Taking my makeup off before bed – no excuses!

EZ4U facial towelettes
EZ4U facial towelettes

According to Dr. G, this is one of the beauty sins most frequently committed by us fanatics. Not hard to believe. I’m obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep, and I frequently jump in the sack without washing my face. It’s not hard to do, just hard to remember – for me anyway. I’ve admittedly been inconsistent about this – even though I have a Clarisonic! – but I’m going to start leaving EZ4U towelettes next to my bed.


I’m pleased to report that I have nailed this! With the advent of all these crazy alphabet creams, it’s been easy for me to slap on sunscreen every morning. Instead of waiting for a typical SPF to dry before painting my face on, I can get coverage, sun protection, and healthier skin in one go.

So, readers! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions this year? Have you held up so far or are you going to swap out one of yours for mine? Let me know in the comments!

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