product spotlight: alpha beta® daily glow moisture

Sure, we at the corporate office all love a new product when it launches, but this one is particularly special.

Alpha Beta® Daily Glow Moisture
Alpha Beta® Daily Glow Moisture
I feel like everything out there – and I don’t just mean skincare – claims that everyone can use it or it looks good on anyone. You know what happens when I try a product that’s one-size-fits-all? I end up hating it. Whether it’s foundation that automatically matches your skintone (too dark!), hair oils that are for all textures (too greasy!) and everything in between, I’m often dissatisfied with something that I, along with everyone else, am supposed to be able to use.

But Alpha Beta® Daily Glow Moisture is different.

It really IS good for everyone. After all, we did sell out on QVC last week (more on this later). It’s an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer (love it) with anti-aging ingredients (need it) and it imparts a subtle glow into dull, tired-looking skin (okay, I’m sold!). I look perpetually tired, thanks to my Mediterranean background and my difficulty getting to bed on time, so I’ll take all the help I can get – and the boost that this product gives me is just the trick. This radiance I’m talking about? It’s just a little somethin’-somethin’ added to your complexion – no Oompa Loompa orange or anything, just a healthier, more awake-looking face. My skin looks so good when I use it that I’m finding I need less foundation, bronzer, and concealer – letting me hit the snooze button a few more times in the morning. The compliments I’m getting on my skin don’t hurt, either.

Have you tried Alpha Beta® Daily Glow Moisture yet? What’s stopping you? Check out the QVC sell if you haven’t already, and be sure to let me know what questions you have.

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  1. Robin P

    We are looking forward to learning about this product at our Dr. Dennis Gross training next week in The Boutique Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC in Georgetown!

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