earth day + a giveaway!

Coming up on Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day! Is it something you celebrate once a year or a lifestyle you practice every day? This international holiday was founded in the name of environmental protection, and while sometimes it can be hard to be fully conscious of your effect on the environment, it’s easy to make a few simple changes that can have big results. Here are a few of my favorite ways to cut down on my carbon footprint.

1)    Use public transportation

I feel so lucky to live in a city where getting around by bus and train is convenient, common, and (generally) quick. To be honest, I don’t even have a driver’s license, which is how heavily I rely on public transportation! The MTA has a lot of initiatives going to improve their environmental sustainability – check them out here.

2)    Bring leftovers for lunch

Even though ordering sushi with coworkers is always tempting, toting leftovers in a reusable container to the office is better for the environment — no need for unnecessary waste in the way of utensils and packaging! Not to mention there are seemingly hundreds of napkins delivered in each order…

3)    Multitask in the shower

I am notorious amongst roommates past and present for taking extremely lengthy showers (I call them “party showers” because I play loud music during). I stopped wasting energy by using my singing voice for my shower playlist; turning off the water while I shampoo, condition, and shave; and switched my showers to the morning so I feel more rushed – and thus, take a shorter shower.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Botanical Cleansing Bar
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Botanical Cleansing Bar

One of my indispensible environmentally-friendly shower tools? Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Botanical Cleansing Bar! This unsung hero is non-drying with Tea Tree and Aloe (I use it on my face!), exfoliating with Papaya Extract, and smells super citrusy — the perfect morning pick-me-up. We’re giving away TEN of these superstar soaps on our Facebook Page on Monday. All you have to do is:

1)    LIKE our company page,

2)    SHARE the giveaway on your own Facebook page, and

3)    COMMENT your favorite ways that you’re going green!

Do you have any exciting Earth Day plans? Are you a fan of our Botanical Cleansing Bar? Let me know!

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