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Considering Active Vitamin D is in so many of our products, I thought I’d give this deserving ingredient a little more attention. Sure, the benefits of Vitamin D are pretty well known, but have you ever wondered why we include its active form in many our products? Read on for that info and more fun facts about Vitamin D!

Three out of four people in the United States are deficient in this essential antioxidant — and between the ages of 20-70, your skin loses about 75% of its ability to produce Vitamin D. While it can be ingested through supplements, it still requires the sun to be activated in the body. When applied topically in its active form, Ergocalciferol, the sun is no longer needed to activate the Vitamin D! That means you can forgo sun exposure — and sunburns, photoaging, and increased risk of skin diseases — and still get the benefits of the “sun vitamin.”

What are they? Benefits to the skin include a reduced risk of skin cancer, firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin, enhanced radiance, luminosity, and elasticity, stimulates collagen, replenishes hydration and boosts elasticity, enhances skin radiance & luminosity, and reduced appearance of pores, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars.

Active Vitamin D products at DGSkincare
Active Vitamin D products at DGSkincare

Because you don’t get the same skincare benefits from taking an oral Vitamin D supplement as you would from topical application, it’s important to use skincare that contains this ingredient. Luckily, many DGSkincare products are absolutely packed with Active Vitamin D! From the radiance-infusing glow products (Alpha Beta® Daily Glow Moisture and Glow Pads for Face and Body) and the deeply hydrating Age Erase line (Face, Eyes, and Recovery Mask) to a pore-clearing anti-acne moisturizer (Trifix Oil-Free Moisture) and the ultimate in Vitamin D treatments, Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil, there is something for every skincare need.

How do you get your Vitamin D?

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