product spotlight: alpha beta® peels, original strength and extra strength

If you’re reading this blog, I hope you’re familiar with our Alpha Beta® Peel already — but if you aren’t, you’re in for a treat. The introduction for many to the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ brand, it was the first product I ever tried (and, needless to say, fell in love with) here!

The Alpha Beta® Peels are AWESOME, and especially great for lazy girls like me. You can use the peel anywhere at any time. A mirror is totally unnecessary, you don’t have to slather any bizarre-looking creams on your face, and there’s nothing to rinse off. Whether you’re in bed, stuck in traffic, or on a conference call, you can get younger-looking skin in five minutes or less.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ Alpha Beta® Peels, Original Formula
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ Alpha Beta® Peels, Original Formula

I’d actually used a peel product before I started working with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™, and while I mostly liked the results, I found it difficult to use. I even burned myself a little bit because I had trouble removing it completely. That said, I was a little hesitant before I tried the Alpha Beta® Peels. Who hasn’t seen that Sex and the City episode where Samantha burned her face with a chemical peel? It’s terrifying! But those are old-school peels: not only are these completely gentle (enough to be used daily!) but you see results immediately, with no downtime. Check out the results of the clinical trial!

With daily use of the peel:

  • 92% of participants reported firmer, more radiant skin
  • 88% of participants reported tighter, more minimized-looking pores
  • 82% of participants reported improvement in skin tone and spot reduction
  • 96% of participants reported their makeup applied better and lasted longer
  • 86% of participants reported their skin was more hydrated
  • and 100% of participants felt the formula was gentle and fit easily into their regular beauty routine.

So, how does it work? It’s microexfoliation – or “smart” exfoliation. It only takes the dead, dull skin cells (the top layer) off, as opposed to the old chemical peels that can hurt the living cells. But not only is it safe, it’s easy to use, too! Swipe the Step One pad across your clean, dry face using circular motions until the pad feels dry. Wait a few minutes and repeat with the Step Two pad. That’s it! I like to use mine on the backs of my hands, too — an area that ages dramatically but is often forgotten about when it comes to sun protection and anti-aging product application.

Curious about the difference between the two strengths? Original is for sensitive skin and/or first-time peel users, and Extra Strength is for those with normal to less sensitive skin. I’ve used both with great success, but usually stick to the Original Formula.

Have you tried our peels? Tell me about your experience!

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