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My hair is fine, not particularly thick, and looking kind of limp. Now that the weather is warmer, this has been bothering me more — no more hats to hide under! Did you know dermatologists treat hair issues, too? To get to the root of the problem, I asked Dr. Gross how (short of extensions) to get supermodel hair…the answers may surprise you!

Q: What’s the key to beautiful hair?

A: Any issue you’re looking at when it comes to hair — volume, texture, shine — every one of those things starts from the scalp. Your scalp is skin, too, and you need to treat it as you would any other part of your skin. Having healthy hair is dependent on the health of the scalp.

Q: What might I be doing that causes hair issues?

A: Scalp care is essential to full, beautiful, healthy hair. Be careful when doing the following:

  • Heat styling: daily use of these tools can result in breakage
  • Vigorous brushing: excessive brushing can lead to breakage and loss
  • Tight ponytails: though they can be stylish, pulling hair back in a tight style can cause hair to recede at the front and sides of the hairline
  • Harsh products: hair dye that causes inflammation is bad for the scalp — if you have dry hair, avoid products that contain alcohol
Root Resilience Strengthening Shampoo and Nourishing Scalp Conditioner
Root Resilience Strengthening Shampoo and Nourishing Scalp Conditioner

Q: Okay, so when it comes to treating my scalp, what ingredients should I look for?

A: The scalp ages just like the skin on your face. I formulated my Root Resilience clinical haircare line to contain many of the same ingredients you’d find in your favorite face serums and moisturizers. Using these anti-aging ingredients in your hair products will help increase hair’s vitality and treat shedding, hair loss and inflammation.

  • Retinol: promotes cell turnover, increases moisture and elasticity for improved scalp health
  • Salicylic Acid: cleanses and exfoliates oil, dirt, and debris from the scalp to increase hair growth
  • Collagen: increase vitality and fortify the hair structure at the level where the hair emerges from the scalp
  • Copper Peptides: help stimulate hair regrowth and strengthens the hair follicle
  • Azelaic Amino Acid: exfoliates excess oils from the scalp to improve hair elasticity and add shine

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Have any questions about Root Resilience? Let me know and I’ll solve your mysteries :)

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