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new year, new skin!

While I’m a traditional kind of gal and make New Year’s resolutions, I’ve realized that taking a more avant-garde approach helps me stick to my oaths. Can you blame me? After all, it’s a fact that most people give up on their rezzies within six weeks, so I try to select reasonably attainable goals. (You may call this “cheating,” but I call it “planning for success.”) This year I’ve been all about healthier skin.

Maybe it’s a copout – after all, this idea wasn’t hard to come up with considering I work at DG Skincare, but as Dr. Gross would tell you, there’s more to beautiful skin than powerfully effective products! I’ve mostly stuck to these goals (granted, I’ve had a few slips…) and they’re definitely doable. Meaning I give you full license to ditch twice-daily Pilates in exchange for one of these. Check them out!