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look good, feel good!

by Paulina Kajankova

image via groupon.at
image via groupon.at


At DGSkincare, we are all about feeling positive — and feeling beautiful certainly lifts our spirits. Beauty may not always be the solution to life’s bigger problems, but it does play a big role in the way we feel about ourselves. During the winter, some of us are affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which can have a powerful impact on our day-to-day lives. We want you to feel great about yourself inside and out, so we’ve pulled together some tips to help you fight the winter blues:

  • Consider sporting a natural glow that is fast and easy to apply. Our cruelty-free, paraben-free, and streak-free Alpha Beta® Glow Pads for Face and Body have you covered! The best part about these little miracle towelettes? They are infused with Vitamin D, the sun vitamin. A sunless and safe winter glow = instant happiness.
  • During the winter months, our exposure to the sun is limited. The sun makes us happy, but it also provides us with natural light and essential Vitamin D. Treat your body kindly: take Vitamin D supplements daily.
  • Our Steamer Solutions device is one of our favorite at-home treatments during the winter months. It opens up the pores, keeping skin clear and hydrated. A constant flow of moisture is essential to transform dull, dry skin to fresh, dewy radiance. This investment in your skin will quickly become your favorite beauty purchase.
  • Don’t let cold weather stop you from socializing! When you’re feeling down, it’s important to keep close ties with your friends and family. Stay connected by throwing a casual dinner party — bonding over a healthy meal will help increase feel-good endorphins, boost your self-esteem, and release stress.
  • Practice meditation and/or yoga breathing exercises. When stressed, we forget how to breathe properly. Paying attention to your breath will help you relax. You don’t need to be an expert — for proper guidance, try visiting a beginner yoga class or use the Yogic Breath app at home.
  • Dr. Gross recommends taking extra care of your hair. If you have noticed extra flyaways or especially unruly hair, increased static energy may be to blame. Take care of your hair at its source — the scalp — with our Root Resilience products: Anti-Aging Scalp Serum, Strengthening Shampoo and Nourishing Scalp Conditioner.

What are your favorite ways to stay cheerful during a gloomy winter season?


PK headshotA beauty and fashion blogger since 2006, Paulina Kajankova is a nature-loving country girl at heart. She is a firm believer in chemical-free products, green living and is the Associate Editor of Insider’s Guide to Spas. After creating and successfully running the fashion blog le la Moda, which lead to a three-year stint as the fashion and beauty blogger at Organic Spa Magazine, Paulina turned to jewelry design. This editor, designer, and stylist has a knack for finding environmentally-friendly, yet posh, products. DG Skincare’s mission and spa-like environment immediately harmonized with Paulina’s goals of working for a meaningful brand.

J.Crew + Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare = A Beautiful Friendship!

In case you haven’t heard, J.Crew is now offering an exclusive “In Good Company” collection, which is a selection of curated brand partnerships chosen by their design team — and we were lucky enough to make the cut! We didn’t need another reason to shop at J.Crew, but being picked as one of these special brands certainly has us falling in love with them all over again. Check out our Alpha Beta® Glow Pads for Face and Body and our Alpha Beta® Daily Glow Moisture over at J.Crew.com – and maybe pick up some gifts for a friend (or yourself!) while you’re there!

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare at J.Crew
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare at J.Crew

get the look: award show glam

Who doesn’t love award season? The stunning celebs, the gorgeous gowns, and that radiance that practically oozes out of award winners. I might not be able to help you win an Oscar or get Hugh Jackman to walk you down the red carpet (sigh!) but I can help you get that glow, whether you’re a seat filler at the Academy Awards or going out for a night on the town. Check my tips out after the jump!

ingredient corner: vitamin D

Considering Active Vitamin D is in so many of our products, I thought I’d give this deserving ingredient a little more attention. Sure, the benefits of Vitamin D are pretty well known, but have you ever wondered why we include its active form in many our products? Read on for that info and more fun facts about Vitamin D! Continue reading

product spotlight: alpha beta® glow pads

This summer has been blisteringly hot and terribly humid, so I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with my central air conditioning. Though this is effective for avoiding unwanted perspiration, it does nothing for the radiance of my complexion. I’m kind of bummed that I’m wearing the same shade of foundation now that I would in the winter, so I’ve turned to my trusty Alpha Beta® Glow Pads to liven up my face! Find out more!

get the look: my picks for spring – an exclusive set!

Now is the month of maying, and I am absolutely loving this radiant spring weather! How about you? Even if the weather in your neck of the woods isn’t super sunny, you can still get a complexion to match this beautiful month! I put together a fun trio of spring essentials just for dgskincare.com fans — and that includes you, my lovely blog reader.

Personally, I find that as the weather warms up, I have a few very specific desires for my skin’s appearance. I want it to look clean, fresh, dewy, and radiant, and I also want to start lightening up my makeup routine. The kit I’ve put together, “Eternal Spring,” contains everything I need to achieve the spring complexion of my dreams.

Eternal Spring — Spring Skincare Essentials from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
Eternal Spring — Spring Skincare Essentials from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

1)    All-In-One Cleanser with Toner

As I may have mentioned around here, I am terrible at remembering to take off my makeup. This cleanser gently washes away dirt, oil, and even waterproof makeup while soothing and balancing skin.

2)    Alpha Beta® Glow Pad for Face

As you may have guessed, this is a face-sized version of our Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body. It’s exfoliating, so it reduces pore size (a must!) as well as firming skin and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It contains Active Vitamin D, so you can get the benefits of “the sunshine vitamin” as well as a natural-looking glow without the harmful side effects of the sun’s rays.

3)    Hydra-Pure™ Oil-Free Moisture

My skin is often dry, but when weather gets warmer, I don’t get rid of my moisturizer – I just switch to a lighter formula! This one makes my skin feel like velvet without feeling greasy. It contains powerful anti-aging ingredients as well as a unique Chelating Complex™ to detoxify skin of harmful agents, including heavy metals.

You can get all these products for just $200 (that’s a steal, trust me!) or you can check out each product individually. We have other great spring skincare value sets — some perfect for Mother’s Day! — and I invite you to check them out. You’ll never know what kind of deal you’ll find!

Besides using this kit, I take my dog on a walk in the sunshine to get my best spring skin. How do you get your spring glow? 

top tips: spring break beauty

Whether you’re a college student jetting off to Cancun or a mom of three loading up the car for the drive to Disney, you want to feel relaxed and prepared for your spring break. Don’t worry, DGSkincare’s got you covered! These essential-for-everyone spring break prep pointers are guaranteed to keep you looking your best, even if you’re low maintenance – because let’s be real, when it comes to going on vacation, it’s about the destination, not the journey. Keep reading for our top tips!