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It’s Here! DGSkincare’s Best of 2013 Tweetaway!

When the holidays roll around, you can’t help but feel the spirit of giving – which is why over the past several years, the social media team has collaborated with some of our best brand buddies for a fabulous beauty, health, and style Tweetaway! We’re starting our givewaway this morning with T3’s Source Showerhead Filter, and we have many other great gifts this year (for yourself or for a friend), including TWO Clarisonics, a boatload of Tarte, Mally, and LORAC, and a completely covetable Milly bag.

Want in on the fun? Just check out when your favorite prize is up, then head over to Twitter for your chance to win! Best of luck to you – and happy holidays!

DGSkincare + Friends Best of 2013 Tweetaway
DGSkincare + Friends Best of 2013 Tweetaway

new year, new skin!

While I’m a traditional kind of gal and make New Year’s resolutions, I’ve realized that taking a more avant-garde approach helps me stick to my oaths. Can you blame me? After all, it’s a fact that most people give up on their rezzies within six weeks, so I try to select reasonably attainable goals. (You may call this “cheating,” but I call it “planning for success.”) This year I’ve been all about healthier skin.

Maybe it’s a copout – after all, this idea wasn’t hard to come up with considering I work at DG Skincare, but as Dr. Gross would tell you, there’s more to beautiful skin than powerfully effective products! I’ve mostly stuck to these goals (granted, I’ve had a few slips…) and they’re definitely doable. Meaning I give you full license to ditch twice-daily Pilates in exchange for one of these. Check them out!