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top tips: picking the best hat for the kentucky derby

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, and many people — we included — use it as an opportunity to get dressed up and flaunt our most festive hats. But there’s more to wearing hats than being on trend.

Photo of Kentucky Derby Hat via dianegottsman.com
Photo of Kentucky Derby Hat via dianegottsman.com

When out enjoying mint juleps and watching horses, be sure to choose a hat that truly helps protect you from sun exposure. It’s not just about protecting your scalp — though it is often neglected when it comes to sunscreen application. A good hat should help protect your face, neck, and even shoulders, too. Straw hats should be tightly woven, and all hats should have a large brim. Did you know that for every inch of hat brim that you regularly wear, you’re reducing your risk of skin cancer by 10%? That means consistently wearing a hat with a 5-inch brim can cut your risk in half! But no matter how shady your sunhat is, don’t forget to apply your SPF.

What’s your favorite part about the Kentucky Derby?